New Band Ready to Rock

Written by Druidstone.

It's official and happening!  We announced earlier that the band was ready to rehearse, and they certainly were - but the drummer got married and went away on his honeymoon.  But now the drummer is back, Gerry's local band is complete and rehearsals are in full swing!  Gerry's former lounge room has been re-possessed and the Quigley house has become "The House of Rock" once again! 

The band is busy rehearsing a new selection of classic rock, blues and original material and will soon be ready to rock at some great venues around Cork, West Cork, Dublin ... and the rest of Ireland!

The lineup for the new band in alphabetical order is:

  • Ciaran O'Reilly: Lead vocals, guitar
  • Gerry Quigley: Lead guitar selection,  mandola, bouzouki
  • Patrick Lee: Drums
  • Rob Parata: Bass guitar
  • Sharon Ponsford: Keyboard, synth, organ

Guitar Lessons Commence March 4th

Written by Druidstone.

With the new year well under way, it's time to begin the new year of guitar lessons using Skype.  If you haven't already booked your place now is the time.  Contact Gerry for more information, there are a few places left but they are filling fast!

A Thankyou Message from Gerry

Written by Druidstone.

It's Gerry here, at my last Farewell Australia gig in Perth on Tuesday 11th December, I would have liked to say a public thank-you to some very important people who have helped make my music happen over the years, but for various reasons I just didn't get the chance to thank them on the night. So I thought it would be appropriate to post an online thankyou.

So this message is for all those people who I didn't get to thank on Tuesday night … and the following thank-yous are in no particular order …

The Nomadic Druids Debut

Written by Druidstone.

December 11th marked a milestone in the life of Gerry Quigley.  It was the night which his newest band, Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids made their debut stage appearance after recording their first album together. 

From the moment The Nomadic Druids arrived at The Charles Hotel and began their stage setup the atmosphere was electric - in anticipation of how the evening was about to unfold ... the night started with one of Perth's sought after folk bands The Gang of Three, which set a fun atmosphere and had everybody relaxed and ready to enjoy a truly magical evening.