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Written by Druidstone.


Roy Buchanan (Blues guitar legend) backstage at Perth Concert Hall, Western Australia, after handing his guitar to Gerry and asking him to play:

"Man, I just LOVE your vibrato"

Steve Morse (Guitarist, Deep Purple) after watching Gerry play some of that Quigley guitar madness at Burswood Casino, Perth Western Australia:

"Wow, that was REALLY cool!

Eric Bell (Blues legend & former Thin Lizzy guitarist) after listening to Gerry's debut prog-rock album with The Nomadic Druids:

"Great work, some tasty guitar pieces!"

Smiley Bolger (Dublin music identity & Promoter) after listening to Gerry's debut prog-rock album with The Nomadic Druids:

"Amazing album, I love it!  I hope you sell a million (at least)"

Pat James (Radio Nova Dublin) on radio talking about Gerry's debut prog-rock album with The Nomadic Druids:

"Brilliant album, I like it a lot. I've been listening to it on and off for two weeks now and I must say I really, really like it!"

Philomena Lynott mother of Ireland's legendary rocker Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) in her video speech launching Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids in Australia:

"I just loved your music when you played in Dublin and I know you will always do so well with your music just like my Philip.  Please show those Australians where the good music comes from, and please, hurry home because we all love you dearly and miss you."

Rob Scott The Talk Magazine (UK)

"Gerry Quigley (The Shinkickers Guitarist) as a guitarist must be a rock/blues god in Australia. If not, may I suggest a national debate to put this right. I've not seen them live (only video), but he even looks like Rory. And his playing, wow. What a talent."

Ash Fierro The Chaos Box, 99.3 FM, Los Angeles, California

"The Shinkickers from the first listen have thoroughly impressed me with their talents. The guitars, the sound and the energy behind what they play is absolutely astounding. The commitment they’ve shown thus far to their music has been proven evident with every song. These are people who love music! "


Gerry Quigley has returned home to Ireland after 30 years in Australia and is now based in Cork City, where he has formed the Irish lineup of his award-winning Blues/Rock and Originals 5-piece band The Shinkickers.  Following a spectacular series of shows in the UK, Australia and Ireland in 2015 and 2016, Gerry Quigley is fast gaining a reputation as Ireland's best kept secret, being compared such legends as Eric Bell, Paul Kossoff, Roy Buchanan, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix.

After hearing just a few of those magical Quigley notes you'll understand why.  Gerry Quigley will mesmerise you with not just one guitar, but his entire ecclectic collection of guitars and other things with strings, including his unique double-neck mandola/bouzouki.

About Gerry Quigley

At the beginning of 2013 Gerry returned home to live in Ireland after 30 years in Australia.  While in Australia Gerry was a sought after musician and guitar teacher, and he continues teaching many of his Australian students from his home studio in Cork City, via Skype!  While he continues to work on many musical projects including the launch of his newest band, Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids, Gerry has also formed the Irish lineup of his long-running Australian band The Shinkickers, playing the same great formula of captivating blues/rock and Quigley originals.

The Nomadic Druids has allowed Gerry to realise his potential as an instrumental composer, inspired by many great composers and musicians throughout his life.  Gerry describes the Nomadic Druids as being like nothing he has ever done before, a true mystical magical sound. 

Some would call it Progressive Rock, with a celtic twist.

Here's what people are saying about Gerry at the shows:

"Captivating"; "Mesmerising"; "An absolute legend on the guitar"; "The best I've heard since Gary Moore or Eric Bell"; "Close your eyes and you would think it was Jimi Hendrix or Rory Gallagher"

If you get to see Gerry play live, you'll understand why!

Gerry was born and raised in inner-city Dublin in a hard-working family where music was a way of life.  The youngest of 5 Quigley brothers who were all part of the Dublin music scene, Gerry's childhood memories include running home from school as fast as he could every day to hear Gary Moore rehearsing in the Quigley house with Brush Shiels and Skid Row.  Older brother and bassist Pat Quigley rehearsing in the house with Phil Lynnott and Brian Downey in the Orphanage Band, and of course Eric Bell and Thin Lizzy all rehearsing in the Quigley house, there were no rehearsal rooms in those days, there was nowhere else for them to go. 

Personal guitar lessons with Thin Lizzy founder Eric Bell at age 14 fuelled Gerry's lifelong passion to play the guitar.  Eric introduced Gerry to the blues, and encouraged him to listen to all the greats and develop his own style.  Gerry took Eric's profound advice and the rest is history.  When you hear those first few notes you'll know that Gerry Quigley really is something very special.

Gerry is remembered by many in Ireland for his heavy rock band Raw Deal who were awarded No.1 band in Ireland by Radio Dublin in 1978.  Raw Deal played nothing but original music as they toured Ireland and Northern Ireland in the late 70's and early 80's while pumping out a succession of hits, before Gerry relocated to Australia in 1982. 

During his 30 years in Australia Gerry was highly sought after, touring and recording in many successful bands, and also formed Australia's first Celtic Rock band, Raggle Taggle Gypsy with fellow Irish musicians, Cork's Bernadette Hawkins on flute and Andy Hawkins on Bouzouki.  Gerry's notable performances include a standing ovation for his performance at the Perth Concert Hall while on crutches, during a Raggle Taggle Gypsy show.

Gerry is well-known for his much-requested original instrumental track titled Weeping Willow, where he captivates the audience with his signature style of enchanting melodies and spine-tingling guitar solos.

Now back home in Ireland, it's no surprise that Gerry continues to captivate and mesmerise the crowds where ever he goes.  Now the secret is out ... and with his "Hometown Tour" now in progress, Gerry will soon be playing at a venue near you - if you love to hear some of the best in original blues/rock guitarists, don't miss the chance to see Gerry Quigley play live. 

You will be captivated from start to finish, guaranteed!


1996: Live at Perth Concert Hall: Raggle-Taggle Gypsy (Celtic Rock)

1998: Looking at You - The Blarney Stones (Celtic Rock)

1999: Broken Down Blues - The Shinkickers (Blues/Rock)

2007: Live at Clancy's Fremantle - The Shinkickers (Blues/Rock)

2012: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids (Progressive Rock)

2015: The Shinkickers (Blues/Rock) (to be released)

2016: The Shinkickers - Broken Down Blues 25th Anniversary Edition


1978 Radio Dublin "Ireland's No.1 Rock Band - Raw Deal"

My 411 Source Local/Indie Music, Los Angeles California

“Best Foreign Band 2007" The Shinkickers (Blues/Rock)