Gerry Returns to Ballyshannon 2018

Written by Druidstone.

Gerry and the lads are delighted to announce their return to Ballyshannon International Rory Gallagher Festival in 2018.  With an all-new setlist including many of your favourite Rory tunes, you are guaranteed to be captivated!  With a mammoth 5-show program over 3 days, you'll have plenty of chance to see the best of Gerry Quigley and The Shinkickers at Ballyshannon.  The schedule is:

  • Friday 3pm Owen Roes' Stage at Rory Gallagher Place
  • Friday 11pm The Max Bar
  • Saturday 5pm full band at The Rory Gallagher Statue
  • Saturday 11pm at The Lantern Bar
  • Sunday 11pm at Sean Og's

We can't wait!  For us this is better than christmas!