Introducing John Dunne

Written by Druidstone.

John with us in the Radio Nova Studio Promoting our Dublin gigCork City locals will be familiar with one of their favourite singer/songwriters who already enjoys a successful solo career, playing to delighted fans in many pubs and live music venues in Cork City, and surrounding areas of Co. Cork.

Of course I am talking about one of our newest Shinkickers, our lead vocalist/guitarist John Dunne. 

When our original Cork lead singer announced recently that his work & other commitments wouldn't permit him to go on tour with us outside of the Cork area, we were faced with the challenge of finding a quality replacement for him as fast as we could, so we could continue our already-booked Irish tour schedule without interruption.

After returning from a very successful debut UK tour just weeks earlier, we were well and truly hooked on the fun and excitement of touring.  But we also understood that a musician's life on the road is not for everyone.

When Gerry told me the news that our singer had quit the band, straight away John came to my mind, we had only just bumped into him a few nights before at one of our "locals", Cork's Corner House Pub.   John was playing a gig there that night, Gerry and I dropped in for a pint and John came over to us with his pint to say hello and have a quick chat to Gerry before the show.

We had known John for quite a while already, John was one of the first musicians we had met when we moved to Cork City.  We met John at the CD launch of a mutual singer/songwriter friend in Fermoy, where I was doing some photography for the night.  While I was happily taking photos and chatting to people, Gerry spent most of the night sitting up at the bar chatting to John, and they became great friends thanks to a shared love of music, guitars and Guinness!

John has a very distinct deep and powerful husky voice and with him also playing the guitar, and being a full-time musician, we just knew that he would be perfect for the band.  So Gerry contacted John and proposed the idea of fronting The Shinkickers, and the rest is history. 

So within just 24 hours, we had our new singer, and I must say combined with our new bass player and drummer, the crowds are loving the new heavier rock sound.  Of course we still have all our spine-tingling Shinkickers originals, and your classic rock and blues favourites, but with a great new selection of classics chosen especially to suit John's amazing deeper "rockier" and "bluesier" voice. 

Over the coming months you'll also see us playing a lot more of Gerry's great new original tracks, there's a lot of amazing new music in store for you!   John's voice and energy really brings a special magic to the band, we are really looking forward to all the great times ahead!

Story: Sharon Quigley
Photo: Eleanor Lawless