Written by Druidstone.

If you love the sound of guitar legends like Gary Moore, Eric Bell, Jimi Hendrix or Rory Gallagher, I’d like to introduce you to another blues/rock guitarist virtuoso, none other than Dublin's Gerry Quigley who is set to take the stage in the UK for the first time in early September including the True Blues Club Merseyside, Nantwich Rory Gallagher Festival and The Cavern Liverpool. 

After 30 years touring & recording in Western Australia, where he was awarded prestigious life-long membership of the renowned Perth Blues Club for his contribution to the Perth music scene, Gerry has moved back home to Ireland where he's settled in Cork City, and formed the Irish lineup of his blues/rock and originals band of 24 years, The Shinkickers along with his instrumental Progressive Celtic Rock band The Nomadic Druids.

“That was REALLY cool!” – Steve Morse, Deep Purple
“Man, I LOVE your vibrato!” – Roy Buchanan
“Tasty guitar pieces there” – Eric Bell,  ex-Thin Lizzy

Gerry continues to captivate the crowds at every show, with many people (including venue owners) saying he's is the best guitarist they've heard in Ireland since Gary Moore, Eric Bell or Rory Gallagher.  As soon as you hear those first few notes it's very easy to understand why, you can just feel the Quigley magic.

Although now a blues rock legend in his own right, Gerry himself was taught how to play guitar when he was just 14 years old by guitar legend Eric Bell, of Thin Lizzy who encouraged Gerry to develop his very own guitar style.  With such a talented and wise mentor at a very young age, it’s no wonder Gerry is fast gaining a reputation as Ireland's "unknown guitar legend".

Gerry’s mastery of the strings impressed Nantwich Rory Gallagher festival organizers so much at the sellout debut performance of The Shinkickers and The Nomadic Druids double show in Dublin earlier this year, Gerry was invited to travel across the water to take the stage at Nantwich Rory Gallagher festival in the UK Saturday Sept 5th. 

Although named after a Rory Gallagher song when Gerry formed the band in Australia in 1991, four years before Rory had even passed away, The Shinkickers are probably the first band ever to be named after a Rory Gallagher song as a tribute to the legend. 

Not a pure tribute band either, Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers are fast gaining a reputation in Ireland not only for Gerry’s diverse selection of award-winning originals and classic blues/rock, but also for his spectacular performances of many Rory Gallagher favorites, a tradition Gerry & The Shinkickers have upheld for the last 24 years.

Gerry will play two extra shows while he is in the UK, where he promises to deliver plenty of spine-tingling originals, classic rock and blues as well as many of your Rory Gallagher favorites, along with a very special Progressive Celtic Rock spectacular with The Nomadic Druids where they will play their debut album Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. 

All shows promise to be nothing less than the jaw-dropping performances which many die-hard Quigley fans in Australia have already come to expect, Gerry's spine-tingling, mesmerising, and high-energy guitar wizardry will leave you spellbound.

You'll have just three chances in the UK early September to see Gerry Quigley at his finest, playing not just one, but 8 guitars and things with strings including a unique double-neck mandola/bouzouki, played like you’ve never seen before.

Tickets are on sale now for all three shows, Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers at True Blues Club Newton le Willows, Nantwich Rory Gallagher Festival and The Cavern Liverpool, where you’ll also see The Nomadic Druids and their progressive celtic rock spectacular.

Prepare to be captivated!