The Nomadic Druids Debut

Written by Druidstone.

December 11th marked a milestone in the life of Gerry Quigley.  It was the night which his newest band, Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids made their debut stage appearance after recording their first album together. 

From the moment The Nomadic Druids arrived at The Charles Hotel and began their stage setup the atmosphere was electric - in anticipation of how the evening was about to unfold ... the night started with one of Perth's sought after folk bands The Gang of Three, which set a fun atmosphere and had everybody relaxed and ready to enjoy a truly magical evening.

The lights dimmed and the projector screen rolled down to display a special video message for Gerry, from none other than long-time family friend Philomena Lynott, mother of rock legend "Philo" Phil Lynott of 70's rock band Thin Lizzy.  This was followed by a short movie animation courtesy of London eco-druid, bard, poet and movie-maker Celestial Elf and World Tree Music. 

The movie animation presented a Druid legend from days of old known as "The Tree of Life" which was a fitting introduction to the live performance of the album titled "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" aka the journey of life.  As the animation concluded and the music began, the projector screen disappeared to reveal the dark stage behind ... the lights brightened slowly and we finally got what we were all waiting for ... Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids made their presence felt and what a presence it was.

Gerry Quigley showed us his pure guitar wizardry as he demonstrated his array of instruments, the man behind this truly inspirational instrumental album showed everyone what he is capable of.  When combined with Gerry's pick of the best musicians the result was breathtaking ... Leroy Cleaver on drums felt every beat and knew instinctively what to do next ... Jon Pitulej shined on keyboards giving it all he had and John McNair worked his rhythmic base guitar magic.

Playing to a packed house, Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids left the crowd buzzing with excitement after witnessing one of the greatest instrumental performances of the year at The Perth Blues Club.  Progressive rock with a classical twist, the Gerry Quigley way.  We got to see it all right here in Perth for the very first time before Gerry returns home to Ireland to launch the band & his music in Ireland, Europe & beyond - how lucky are we?

The album Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow is available online from us here and is now available on iTunes.