Clancy's Fish Pub Dec 8th

Written by Druidstone.

A great crowd attended Clancy's Fish Pub in Fremantle last night to see the second of the three-show series of farewell gigs for Gerry Quigley with his long-running band The Shinkickers. 

The Shinkickers first started playing at The Rosemount Hotel in 1991 where they started out as an acoustic five-piece playing blues mixed with celtic rock at the Sunday Session. For the past 21 years Gerry Quigley and his band The Shinkickers have captivated the audience and last night was no exception.

Gerry mesmerised the crowd once again with his emotional guitar solos and The Shinkickers continued to impress with their unique mix of blues, rock and celtic magic. 

The Shinkickers pumped out a mix of covers and original tracks and as always they did it their own way - Pete Romano was fantastic out front on vocals, and original Shinkickers drummer Leroy Cleaver (who returned especially for the farewell shows) never missed a beat.  Greg Thomson excelled on base guitar/vocals and the keyboard magician Terry Pugh (who has been with The Shinkickers since their beginnings) continued to impress us with his keyboard magic.

It has been over 5 years since The Shinkickers played at Clancy's, as a result there were many in the crowd who were witnessing The Shinkickers play for the first time.  The response from everyone was the same "Where has this guy Gerry Quigley been?  Why haven't we heard him before?  He is amazing!"

As always there were also many regular Shinkickers supporters, some had driven great distance to see their beloved Gerry & his band play for the second last time.  At the end of the show the faces in the crowd said it all ... everyone had a blast!

The last show for The Shinkickers will be on Tuesday night at The Charles Hotel.  See the gig guide for details.  You can see more photos in the Photo Gallery.

Enjoy the music!